• Our frames work exceptionally well with lithographs, silkscreens, mono-prints and engravings. We will often special mix and match colors to artwork.

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    Sleeping Lion & Lioness Print–Italian Hand-Colored Engraving Framed in Wiggly Stripe /Olive

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    Works on Paper by Laurie Goddard Framed in Brushed Stripe / Red and Gold

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    Monkey Print– Hand-colored
    Italian engraving based on
    1775 French engraving.
    Framed in Straight Grain
    Stripe /Honey and Cream.

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    Custom frame for limited edition silk screen. The striped texture in this frames compliments the colors and textures in the silk screen work. Our frames work exceptionally well with lithographs, silkscreens mono-prints and engravings.

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Frames with Artwork

Our painted frames work especially well with prints and works on paper.

Create a fun colorful look or complement the piece you are framing with a custom color or design. We provide full framing services with our frames.

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Frames with Artwork
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