• Circle Red Grain Design

    Florentine Collection with custom corner detail. The frame width is 2 5/8"

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  • Hatched Grain Design Variation

    This is a variation of the hatched grain design where arcs are created for a more graceful texture. All of our designs are available in any combination of Farrow and Ball colors, and many can be recreated in different widths. The width of the frame displayed is 1 1/2"

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  • Bathroom Elegance

    This mirror adds elegance to this bathroom with its silver and gray stripes that compliment the marble sink top.

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  • Triangle Pattern Designs

    Gold, green and egglant colors are used in this triangle design. Geometric designs work beautifully with oriental carpets, and can be recreated in wider widths and other colors. See red triangle design in this portfolio. Frame width shown is 1"

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  • Iridescence

    This silvery blue mirror with an off white border is an unexpected surprise over this antique console table in a hallway of a seaside home.

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  • Layered Leaf Pattern with Weave Base

    This decorative square mirror uses the waffle weave textured base from the florentine collection with the addition of a leaf pattern on top. Mirrors can be customized using different design motifs provided by a designer or created by us.

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  • Custom Colors to Match 

    This mirror was created to go with a wallpaper sample provided by an interior designer (shown underneath mirror). Any of our numerous designs can be painted in custom colors. We work with Farrow and Ball colors and provide swatch books and samples for approval.

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  • Custom Animal Print

    This custom design was created to go with the contemporary artwork in the entrance hall of an apartment and in particular, with the primitive pot underneath the mirror. It is a full length mirror that the client can use to view her outfit before exiting her apartment.

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  • Rustic Elegance

    This brushed gold design (Florentine Collection), works well in both formal and rustic environments. The carefully Applied (strie) brush stroke is key to making this mirror look exactly like it's name.

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  • 630,446
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  • Bold Golden Stripes

    The gold and umber stripes give an old world charm to this dining room. Mirrors can be lovely just resting on tables.

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  • A More Gender Neutral Approach to a Powder Room Mirror

    The rich gold, red brown and black repeated square pattern of this mirror make this powder room less feminine and fussy and provide a simple elegance with rich colors. The palette also works well for a man's dressing room or study.

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  • Mirrors Connect to Fabrics and Rugs

    In the refection of this mirror, the Indian artwork and chair fabric can be seen. The floor below has a small oriental rug that ties all of the room colors together. 

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  • Squares Become Diamonds

    This mirror was fitted to work as a square or a diamond. It can be easily switched up when you want a change. The taupe and cream weave design is accented with gold. (Florentine Collection)

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  • Adding Color

    This bright Lime green adds to the informal cottage feel of this enclosed porch breakfast room.

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  • Bold Patterns for Large Walls.

    This large custom mirror combines bold colors with alternating bold pattern designs. A closer up view of this design and others can be seen in the mirror silhouettes portfolio.

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  • Adding Warmth to a Bar Area

    The small inset lights in the cabinets add a soft glowing light to this bar that is reflected in the warm red mirror. This is a variation of the circle grain design in the Florentine Collection.

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  • Black and Gray Stripes

    This black and gray striped mirror works well above the lovely antique occasional chair in this guest bedroom.

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  • Powder Room

    A father back view of the design shown earlier.

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  • Mirrors in Unexpected Places

    Small square mirrors can be tucked in just about anywhere to make a room feel larger and brighter. This is Waffle Weave Design from the Florentine Collection in Red & Black .


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Radiant Art

Mirrors transform a space. They fashion secret views that you never took notice of. Our frames with mirrors can reflect your world with art. This portfolio has a sampling of custom mirrors produced from both our standard designs and custom designs. Please look through all of our portfolios to see the many different design possibilities. 

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